Products & Services

Topology Media Ltd is divided in the following departments:

1. Radio productions

Topology Media Ltd offers all types of radio programmes (features, packages, interviews, news and current affairs, variety radio magazines, researches etc) both in English and in Greek, with the guarantee of quality, accuracy and impartiality of its highly respected radio producers.

2. TV Productions

i. Documentaries

Our company produces high quality documentary films under commission by international broadcasters with the aim of entertaining, informing and educating the viewers.

All the programmes are filmed in HD, in all stages of the production process.

Topology Media Ltd is open to new ideas and co-production offers.

ii. Interviews

We conduct interviews with well known personalities around the world or the protagonists of current events.

We also organise filming, interviews and research projects for other companies or individuals in Greece and the UK.

We undertake all the necessary arrangements and preparations required, such as travel and accommodation.

Moreover, we care for the provision of experienced technical crew, (equipment) and journalists, for the flawless completion of each project.

3. Internet

Topology Media Ltd undertakes the development of the website design and content of various types of media companies.

4. Journalistic research

Topology Media Ltd undertakes journalistic research jobs in the UK and Greece on behalf of institutes, organisations and individuals who are looking for information on a specific topic.

5. Consulting for the Media Industry

Our company offers consultation on all aspects of developing and running a successful media company.